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Uli Stein

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Uli Stein was born in Hannover in 1946. He worked as a freelance journalist, photographer and scriptwriter for radio comedies prior to embarking on a career as a cartoonist. His humor gained the attention of various major magazines and periodicals. In 1982 he began publishing his first postcards and books. Today, hundreds of other Uli Stein products are available. He is best known for his sassy mice, but all his characters, people with egg-shaped eyes and cucumber-like noses, cats, dogs and penguins have become trademarks. Over 180 million postcards and more than 11 million Uli Stein books have been sold in German speaking countries alone.


The most successful German cartoonist accompanies his loyal fans with daily entries on his blog “Mein Notizbuch” (My Notebook) on his homepage ulistein.de. Also a wide variety of his products are available here as individually manufactured unique items at the “Wunschladen” (Wish List Store) on ulistein-wunschladen.de.


Uli Stein has been devoting most of his spare time to an additional passion besides drawing - photography. His two most admired and extraordinary talents are now featured on his blog on ulistein.de.


You can take a look at Uli Stein-Cartoons in english here. For further information do not hesitate to contact us, please.

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